Last night, the girls soccer team made history! The girls worked hard to break their two year losing streak by beating Bridgeport 10-1. Bridgeport scored first, then the Lady Redskins came back with 10 goals. Jalyn Thompson, Karli Celestin, Marissa DeFallo, and Hallie Schmitt were our scorers. Overall the girls played their hearts out and are proud of their win! The Lady Redskins play Tyler Consolidated Thursday at 5:00 come out and support!


Key Club

This morning was the Key Club breakfast to recognize all new and existing members of Key Club. The 2013 Key Club president is senior, Malieka Gurrera. The Key Club fees and cookie dough forms are due today, September 25th. All sign up sheets and volunteer forms are in Ms. Robinson’s room.keyclub

Volleyball 2013

This week in Lady Redskins volleyball is a big one. The 13-1 girls of Indian Creek take on Oak Glenn today, and one their biggest rivalries (Edison) Tuesday.”We want to improve every day. We have 10 girls who can play on the court at any time.
“We are getting really good leadership from our seniors. They have really taken charge of the team. Everyone is stepping up.” The veteran team is banged up with it’s injuries, but hopefully they can pull together and conquer the biggest week in their volleyball season.

New Club

In Mr.Moffats room there is a sign up sheet for anyone that is interested in the new Computer Coding and Gaming Club! This club will give students the opportunity to explore how to create computer games and apps. Also, to gain knowledge in computer science careers and degrees.

E.R.- iPhone 5 C & S + Ios 7

iPhone 5 C & S

     The iPhone 5 C & S were released today, These are basically modified versions of the regular iPhone 5. The 5-C Is made of plastic in order to be more affordable to those who are looking to purchase an iPhone. Its also slightly more rounded shape. The real upgrades come in the 5-S, the most talked about upgrade is by far the Finger Print Identity Scanner. No longer needing to enter in passwords or slide patterns, you can just place your thumb near the bottom of your screen and your phone will read your finger print and unlock your phone. The next most noticeable upgrade is the 64-bit A7 Processor, this makes the iPhone 5-S the fastest iphone available. The final hardware upgrade is a special new iSight Camera, better than any smart camera, iSight allows you to take a picture of basically anything and have it come out looking as nice as possible without having to edit settings.


     Along with new hardware Apple also released new software, ios 7. Ios 7 introducing subtle changes that make a big difference. The focus was on making animations more interactive while making everything work smoother. Icons were redesigned on a new size grid with a new color pallet so expect to see more color range. Also all typography was redesigned to look cleaner and sharper. Probably the most noticeable of changes is something apple calls “Layers”, if you have ios 7 than you probably noticed it already but you probably don’t even realize it. Layers means what it says everything is now in layers, if you look at your home screen you can see that the background is now obviously a distance behind the icons, but if you open an app you can also see your home screen through a small transparency layer. This feature is purely for aesthetic enjoyment. Multitasking has been incorporated into layers as well, if you bring up your recent apps you’ll notice they are now more revealed and can be removed entirely. Notifications have also been modified providing more options. The last uprage is to SIRI, more voice over have been added to make the sounds more real, and SIRI now has control over system settings allowing you to easily enable and disable settings.   – A.J.

Boys Soccer

The boys have had a tough past three games. With three consecutive losses, they are 5-5. St. Clairsville was a 4-1 loss for your Redskins. East Liverpool topped the boys 3-1 in a violent game. The Redskins fell again to the Oak Glen Golden Bears, 4-1. The boys are looking up, however. They face John Marshall on Wednesday, where they will be looking to exit the rough patch and get their sixth win.

Constitution Day Facts

Interesting facts about the constitution:

  • The United States constitution has 4,400 words
  • The oldest person to sign the constitution was Ben Franklin at 81
  • The youngest person to sign the constitution was Jonathan Dayton at 26
  • The constitution is preserved in Argon gas to preserve it
  • The word democracy dosn’t appear once on the constitution
  • George Washington and James Madsion were the only two presidents to sign the constitution
  • Patric Henry was elected a delagate to the constitutional convention but he declined because he said he “smelt a rat”

Shane Beck

Constitution facts: Adam Freshwater

1.) Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17, the anniversary of the day the framers signed the document

2.) The word democracy is not in the Constitution once

3.) The lack of a bill off rights was the main reason the Constitution was not ratified

4.) Benjamin Franklin was the oldest person to sign the Constitution at 81 years old

5.) Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey was the youngest to sign at 26 years old

6.) Benjamin Franklin needed help to sign the Constitution because of his bad health

7.) George Washington and James Madison were the only presidents who signed the Constitution

8.) John Adams thought of the Constitution as “the greatest single effort of national deliberation that the world has ever seen”

9.) The Constitution has been changed 17 times since 1791

10.) James Madison, “the father of the Constitution,” was the first to arrive for the Constitutional Convention

By Adam Freshwater

US Constitution

The Constitution was created some two hundred years ago.

Its the world’s oldest surviving constitution.

The first 10 amendments in the constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.

The constitution was created on September 17, 1787 and ratified on June 21, 1788.

It is the supreme law of the United States.

Pennsylvania is spelled “Pensylvania”

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest to sign the constitution. (81)

Washington and Madison were the only two presidents to sign it.

“democracy” does not appear in the Constitution.

It has 4,400 words.

Oldest and shortest constitution known to any government.


Alexis Fithen