Boys Soccer

The Boys soccer team has played three games in the last week. In the first game, they hosted Tusky Valley. After being tied at half, Creek surged out of the half to score five goals and take the 6-1 victory. Max Lewis led the Redskins with three goals, while Russell Ratcliffe had two, and Jordan Herald had one.

The next game, Wheeling Central came to town, and came out pushing. The Maroon Knights scored first, but that did not stop the Redskins from fighting right back. At the half, the Redskins and Maroon Knights were tied at two. After a delay, the Redskins came out scoring and won the game 4-2. Max Lewis finished with two goals, while Kyle Probert and Lee Utt both had one.

The last game, the Redskins traveled to Carrollton to take on the Warriors. Neither team could get much going in the first half, as it was tied 0-0. The Redskins came out of half, scoring four quick goals. Carrollton did not give up, as they put two on the board. Those goals were not enough though as the Redskins win 4-2. Russell Ratcliffe had three goals, and Kyle Probert had one.

The Redskins (5-2) will travel to St. Clairsville (2-2-1) on Saturday to try to keep the winning streak alive.


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