Constitution Facts


-Constitution Day was established in 2004.

-The Constitution celebrated its 225th anniversary in 2012.

-There are 4,543 words in the original, signed, unamended Constitution. This makes it the oldest and shortest national constitution.

-11,000 amendments have been introduced in Congress.

-55 men attended the Constitutional Convention. Of these men, 39 signed the Constitution, and 3 did not.

-27 Amendments have been added to the Constitution.

-The length of the Constitutional Convention was 4 months.

-9 of 13 states were required to ratify the Constitution.

-Of the spelling errors in the Constitution, “Pensylvania” above the signers’ names is probably the most glaring.

-The Constitution was “penned” by Jacob Shallus, A Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, for $30 ($726 today).

-Patrick Henry was elected as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, but declined, because he “smelt a rat.”


-The oldest person to sign the Constitution was Benjamin Franklin (81). The youngest was Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey (26).

-It took one hundred days to actually “frame” the Constitution.


-George Washington and James Madison were the only presidents who signed the Constitution.

-The word “democracy” does not appear once in the Constitution.

-Vermont ratified the Constitution on January 10, 1791, even though it had not yet become a state.

-The only other language used in various parts of the Constitution is Latin.

-Four of the signers of the Constitution were born in Ireland.

-Daniel Webster (1782-1852), of Massachusetts, has been called the “Expounder of the Constitution”.

-The Constitution contains 4,543 words, including the signatures and has four sheets, 28-3/4 inches by 23-5/8 inches each. It contains 7,591 words including the 27 amendments.

By: Jocelyn Wolpert



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