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Video games are probably the most widely shared value of guys in high school. Personally I don’t know a guy who doesn’t play video games.

This Tuesday, (September 17), the world of video games is going to be hit with the most anticipated game of the year. Rockstar Games is coming out with their newest addition in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V.

GTAV will be the most realistic and revolutionary GTA to date. The amount of stuff you can do is amazing. For the first time in GTA history, you will be able to play as three different protagonists all with individual and intertwined story lines.

This game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, loosely based off of Los Angeles and the surrounding deserts, mountains, and forests. Players will be able to have fun in the city either being a complete criminal or or get in touch with their inner country and go on dirt trails and back roads through the backwoods in a big truck. When messing around like everyone who plays GTA games does gets boring, there’s also a vast storyline featuring bank heists and action packed car chases. It sounds as if there is truly nothing you can’t do in this game.

The anticipation for this game is widespread. I hear people talking about it in school, online, just everywhere. One thing most guys can agree on is that we can’t wait till Tuesday.

By: Jon Davis

A very popular item that is stepping onto the scene in the girl world of hair is hair crimpers. Hair crimpers have been around much longer than most people think, but the new wider barrel crimper is becoming very popular among girls today.

This hot new hair tool works on most types of hair and on any length ranging from medium to long. The crimper also in my opinion takes less time to do than flat ironing. This crimper is perfect for making messy waves and almost mimics those beautiful “beach waves” all of us girls long for. Also for all of you ladies that just need a little extra volume, the deep waving crimper is the hair tool for you, seeing as the crimper will add a little bulk to your hair. Now that I have told you all the magical wonders this crimper can do on your hair you`re probably wondering “where can I get one?” and “is it expensive?”. The truth is, you can find these these crimpers for cheap in almost any super market such as walmart for around$20.00.

However, the hair waver that I have is the “Gold ‘N Hot jumbo ceramic triple barrel waver” from Sally Beauty Supply. It works perfect and because the plates are ceramic it creates a very nice shine on the hair. I purchased it for about $43.00, which is expensive compared to other brands, but the results are worth it. This waver has a heat dial the ranges all the way up to 450 degrees and it heats up quick. The tool itself is somewhat hard to get used to holding because of its large size, especially if you are crimping your own hair. It is however, relatively easy to use and can handle crimping large sections of hair.

This item and the look it creates is rapidly trending and doesn`t seem to be dying out anytime soon. This product it a good investment and creates fantastic results. I would definitely get my hands on one of these hot tools before the fizzle out!

tip: For all the girls like me that tend to have frizzy hair after crimping finger a pump of suave moroccan argan oil through your hair. you cant find the stuff at kroger and it is a life saver! Avoid getting it too close to the scalp

By: Kelsey Pool






GTAV, Madden 25, NCAA14, COD Ghosts

Combat boots



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