E.R.- iPhone 5 C & S + Ios 7

iPhone 5 C & S

     The iPhone 5 C & S were released today, These are basically modified versions of the regular iPhone 5. The 5-C Is made of plastic in order to be more affordable to those who are looking to purchase an iPhone. Its also slightly more rounded shape. The real upgrades come in the 5-S, the most talked about upgrade is by far the Finger Print Identity Scanner. No longer needing to enter in passwords or slide patterns, you can just place your thumb near the bottom of your screen and your phone will read your finger print and unlock your phone. The next most noticeable upgrade is the 64-bit A7 Processor, this makes the iPhone 5-S the fastest iphone available. The final hardware upgrade is a special new iSight Camera, better than any smart camera, iSight allows you to take a picture of basically anything and have it come out looking as nice as possible without having to edit settings.


     Along with new hardware Apple also released new software, ios 7. Ios 7 introducing subtle changes that make a big difference. The focus was on making animations more interactive while making everything work smoother. Icons were redesigned on a new size grid with a new color pallet so expect to see more color range. Also all typography was redesigned to look cleaner and sharper. Probably the most noticeable of changes is something apple calls “Layers”, if you have ios 7 than you probably noticed it already but you probably don’t even realize it. Layers means what it says everything is now in layers, if you look at your home screen you can see that the background is now obviously a distance behind the icons, but if you open an app you can also see your home screen through a small transparency layer. This feature is purely for aesthetic enjoyment. Multitasking has been incorporated into layers as well, if you bring up your recent apps you’ll notice they are now more revealed and can be removed entirely. Notifications have also been modified providing more options. The last uprage is to SIRI, more voice over have been added to make the sounds more real, and SIRI now has control over system settings allowing you to easily enable and disable settings.   – A.J.


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