Review Column


         In this day and age when we are all looking for new ways to interact with our friends, there is one app that has continued to stay popular after being around for a while. Snapchat has remained one of the most popular social apps among the younger population.  This app lets you take pictures or short videos of yourself and what is around you along with the ability to insert a short text. It also allows you to draw on the pictures you take with a variety of colors. What makes this app different from just sending a picture through text messaging is that the recipient can only view the picture for 1-10 seconds, depending on what the sender chooses. Snapchat is available for all smartphones and is free. Odds are if you see a person snapping a lot selfies they’re most likely Snapchatting.  Snapchat has succeeded in remaining wildly popular among America`s youth and this popular app doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon.

By: Jon Davis and Kelsey Pool


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