Senior Polls

Most Athletic: Blake Roar & Whitney Martin & Jessica Furda

Class Clown: Jeff Howard & Jasmine Lenko

Best Dressed: Jon Davis & Kelsey Pool

Most Artistic: Dylan O’neil & Shannon Kovach

Teachers Pet: Tye Levi & Kristen Shimko

Most Likely to Succeed: Jon Davis & Abby Orr

Cutest Couple: Tanner Tice & Annika Trikones

Most Gullible: Tanner Wise & Kiarra Kamarec

Most Changed Through High School: Justin Renzler & Skylyn Wright

Biggest Band Geek: Andy Srock & Alyssa Aldridge

Best Buds: Cam Lamatrice & Jon Davis, Jasmine Lenko & Jocelyn Wolpert, Jessics Furda & Hannah Webb

Most Suitable to Bring Home: Kyle Probert & Abby Orr

Most Attractive: Adam Freshwater & Abbie Straughn

Best Eyes: John Haught & Mallorie Sullivan

Best Smile: Nathan Beatty & Angelica Bruland


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