John F. Kennedy

Fifty years ago today, our 35th president John F. Kennedy was shot and killed during a motorcade route from Love Field in Dallas, Texas to the Dallas Trade Mart. The assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested and later killed by Jack Ruby. Today, Dallas holds their first memorial. They are remembering President Kennedy with prayers, a speech by the mayor Mike Rawlings, and jets of the military flying over the plaza where Kennedy was shot. “His death forever changed our city, as well as the world,” Rawlings said in a statement ahead of the anniversary. “We want to mark this tragic day by remembering a great president with the sense of dignity and history he deserves.” After Kennedy was shot, Dallas was seen as a very distressed city because of the said conspiracy of the plot to kill Kennedy. Kennedy was a very respected president and to this day, his assassination is still a shock to the world.

(UPI Photo/Abbie Rowe/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum)


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