Indian Creek Boys Basketball

The Indian Creek Boys Basketball team plays at Union Local Friday December 20th. Saturday the boys play at Brooke. Their record is (2-1) they had a tough loss against Harrison. They played Bellaire for their home opener and they won 61-54. Andrew Anderson at 15 points, Blake Roar had 14 points, Johnny Haught had 10, Jonathan Woodbury and Aaron Foldi finished with 9.


Jonathan Woodbury



Redskins boys basketball defeat the Panthers 55-39

Last week, the boys of Indian Creek opened up their basketball season against the Buckeye Local Panthers. Many schedule changes had been made to each basketball schedule due to playoff football games, but the wait was worth it for the Redskins as they came out victorious with a 55-39 win.

The first half the Redskins came out strong and finished the second quarter with a 25-9 lead over the Panthers. The Panthers fought back and managed to put up 30 more points to finish the game. Aaron Foldi, sophomore, finished the game with 8 points. Blake Roar, senior, finished the game with 2 points. Seniors, Johnathan Haught, Andrew Anderson, and Cody Durbin each put up double digits. Also, senior, Jonathan Woodbury shot two 3-pointers and finished the game with 6 points.

NCAA Men’s Basketball

The NCAA basketball season if getting started and there have already been some big games.  The top 25 has been altered already with top programs dropping in the rankings.  The NCAA has a great deal of skill this year with what might be one of the best draft classes ever after this season.  There are many freshman this year who are major factors on there teams and are some of the best players in the nation.  Out of 5 per season all-Americans 3 of them are freshman.


#1.) Arizona         #6.) Louisville

#2.) Syracuse      #7.) Oklahoma State

#3.) Ohio State   #8.) Duke

#4.) Wisconsin   #9.) Connecticut

#5.) Michigan State    #10.) Villanova


#3.) Shabazz Napier

-great shooter, good scorer

#2.) Jabari Parker

-big bodied all around player, Lebron James type of player, better shooter than Lebron in his early years

#1.) Marcus Smart

-big point guard, has improved a lot at shooting still could get better, very explosive


Big Ten- Michigan State

Big 12- Oklahoma State

PAC 12- Arizona

ACC- Duke or Syracuse

SEC- Kentucky

Big East- Villanova

Adam Freshwater


Redskins drop to the Huskies 44-41

Second game of the season was a good one for the boys of Creek, but they fell short to the Harrison Huskies by 3 points. It was a good game, and the Redskins fought hard all four quarters. Senior post player, Cody Durbin lead his team in points with 9 to finish the game. Senior point guard, Blake Roar hustled 8 points while Woodbury finished the game with 7. This week the boys take on the Bellaire Big Reds at home Tuesday, Union Local Jets Friday away, and the Brooke Bruins away on Saturday.

NFL Update

The playoffs are inching closer, but who is getting in is still in question. In the AFC the Broncos and Chiefs are still fighting for the West. The Bengals are losing their grip over the North. The Colts have locked up the South. The Patriots seem to have the East all wrapped up. The wild card is still up for grabs, however either the Broncos or the Chiefs are likely to get the first slot. The Ravens and Dolphins are the frontrunners to get the second spot. In the hunt are the Steelers, Chargers, and a few other teams.

In the NFC South the Saints and Panthers are fighting for the lead. The West belongs to the Seahawks. The Eagles and Cowboys are battling for the East. The Lions and Bears are leading in the North. The 49ers seem to have one of the wild card spots locked up and either the Saints or Panthers will get the other.

We are all still waiting for the playoff picture to unfold, but the only way to find out is to tune into the games next! More blogs will be posted weekly to keep you updated.


by Cameron Lamatrice

College Options: WVU

West Virginia University- Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Division I; Big 12 Conference
  • 2 hour drive from Wintersville, OH
  • 2 section campus: Downtown campus and Evansdale Campus
  • Available transportation: PRT bus drives throughout campus
  • total enrollment in 2012: 29,707

“On my visit to WVU, people were very welcoming and I had an excellent tour guide. She took us all over campus and I immediately fell in love with the school. I knew that this was the place I wanted to spend the next four years. Its a big school, but that is what I am looking for and it is in a pretty small town. I want a new, fun experience and I think West Virginia University will be great for me. It is a total change in environment, but still not to far from my family and other bigger cities. I will be able to come home when I want, but still be independent. I applied and quickly got my acceptance letter. The school has stayed in touch with me and a WVU student called me asking if I had any questions for her about her experience at the school and even gave me a number to call back in case I have any more questions. Despite the size of the campus, I felt very comfortable and am so excited to attend this school next fall.”
Save a couch!

Indian Creek Boys Basketabll

Indian Creek boys basketball season has been delayed due to the weather. The first three games were canceled due to a significant amount of snow. The boys are supposed to take on the Buckeye local Panthers at Buckeye Thursday, December 12th, weather permitting. The next game will be Friday, against Harrison Central, at Harrison Central. Then the next game will be Monday, where the Redskins will have their home opener against the Bellaire Big Reds.

– Blake Roar, Woody

Please vote for Olivia Ault, 6 years old. She attends Hills Elementary Visually Impaired unit.

Please vote for Olivia Ault, 6 years old. She attends Hills Elementary Visually Impaired unit.
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Buckeye Girls State

Buckeye girls state is a week-long program designed to educate Ohio’s young women in the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of good citizenship. By getting involved in the process, BGS delegates learn more about city, county, and state government in one week than they will in an entire semester of high school.

The program will run from June 15-21 at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio.

Students who are currently JUNIORS in high school are eligible to apply for this program. Please see Mr. Maul if you are interested in this program.

Girls Basketball vs Minerva

On 12/3/14, the Lady Redskins played their third game of the season against the Minerva Lions, and they won 58-38. Seniors, Kiarra Kamarec and Brooke Mains finished the game with double digits. Kamarec the game high of 20 points, and Mains with 14 points. 6’4 junior, Bre Berryman finished the game with 16 points. Yesterday wrapped up the games for the girls. Next week, they take on two different teams on Monday and Thursday.