AT&T vs Verizon

Over the past few weeks, everyone who owns a phone powered by AT&T understands the extreme frustration brought about by their lack of reliable service. The Common Creeker was very disappointed not being able to log onto their favorite social networks we know such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If AT&T cannot even hold up to a measly thunder storm, how could anyone be expected to trust it again?! During this no service outrage, AT&T’s customers were as jealous as a catty teenage girl in a high school relationship over Verizon’s customers. Roughly 53% of the Common Creeker either switched or had sinful thoughts about switching to AT&T’s bitter rival…Verizon Wireless. Verizon, previously hidden in the dark shadows, has now come out of the closet and into the spotlight! Everyone who owns a phone knows that Verizon’s service is the bomb dot com. Verizon, you may have won this battle, but AT&T may still have a few more tricks (or just some more iphones) up its sleeve.

Verizon:1       AT&T:0

By: Abby and Jasmine


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