Continuing Education

Fairmont State University, located in Fairmont, West Virginia, is a smaller school about two hours from Wintersville, Ohio. Fairmont State has an enrollment of about 4,600 students and is an NCAA Division II school. Their academic opportunities include over 80 baccalaureate degrees. Fairmont’s most unique programs include a National Security and Intelligence and Aviation Technology and a minor Folklore Studies.

An Indian Creek Student who plans to attend Fairmont State University in the fall commented on her experience during her first visit: “My first reaction when I got to Fairmont State was that it was a small, quaint town. Although it is a smaller school, the campus was very busy and full of life when I arrived, which I loved. From the cashier at the gas station to the professors I met, all of the people there were very friendly. I met with the head of the math department and he was extremely helpful, especially because I’m not exactly sure what I was to major in, other than I want it to be in the math/technology department. The facilities there were really nice, and there are many opportunities a student has to meet people and feel at home. One of the best parts about Fairmont is that, although it is a small town, the city of Morgantown is only twenty minutes away.”

By: Hannah Webb and Jessica Furda


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