College Options: WVU

West Virginia University- Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Division I; Big 12 Conference
  • 2 hour drive from Wintersville, OH
  • 2 section campus: Downtown campus and Evansdale Campus
  • Available transportation: PRT bus drives throughout campus
  • total enrollment in 2012: 29,707

“On my visit to WVU, people were very welcoming and I had an excellent tour guide. She took us all over campus and I immediately fell in love with the school. I knew that this was the place I wanted to spend the next four years. Its a big school, but that is what I am looking for and it is in a pretty small town. I want a new, fun experience and I think West Virginia University will be great for me. It is a total change in environment, but still not to far from my family and other bigger cities. I will be able to come home when I want, but still be independent. I applied and quickly got my acceptance letter. The school has stayed in touch with me and a WVU student called me asking if I had any questions for her about her experience at the school and even gave me a number to call back in case I have any more questions. Despite the size of the campus, I felt very comfortable and am so excited to attend this school next fall.”
Save a couch!


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