NFL Update

The playoffs are inching closer, but who is getting in is still in question. In the AFC the Broncos and Chiefs are still fighting for the West. The Bengals are losing their grip over the North. The Colts have locked up the South. The Patriots seem to have the East all wrapped up. The wild card is still up for grabs, however either the Broncos or the Chiefs are likely to get the first slot. The Ravens and Dolphins are the frontrunners to get the second spot. In the hunt are the Steelers, Chargers, and a few other teams.

In the NFC South the Saints and Panthers are fighting for the lead. The West belongs to the Seahawks. The Eagles and Cowboys are battling for the East. The Lions and Bears are leading in the North. The 49ers seem to have one of the wild card spots locked up and either the Saints or Panthers will get the other.

We are all still waiting for the playoff picture to unfold, but the only way to find out is to tune into the games next! More blogs will be posted weekly to keep you updated.


by Cameron Lamatrice


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