ICHS Foreign Exchange Students


This year Indian Creek High School has 4 foreign exchange students. There are 2 boys and 2 girls and 2 of our newspaper staff interviewed them and asked them a few questions about their homeland and about
America. The boys names are Felix and Igor and the girls names are Suzie and Pauline.

Felix is from Germany and he said the weather in Germany is similar but it is not as cold or as warm as Ohio. He said his school in Germany is way harder and the school days are a lot longer. If you are a student at his high school, you can not choose the subject you want to study like you can do at Indian Creek High School. At the school in Germany you can not wear sweat pants and the students here at Indian Creek High School are more open. Felix said that he missed his family the most.

Igor is from Brazil and he said the weather in Brazil is hot all the time and the low is 40 degrees. This winter here in Ohio is the first time he has ever seen snow. He said the school system in Brazil is way different than ICHS. The teachers at his school moved classes instead of the students. The students in Brazil walk or use buses for transportation instead of driving themselves. Igor said we dress similar but we dress more comfortable than they do in Brazil. Igor misses his friends, parents, and the healthy food in Brazil.

Suzie is from Slovakia and she said the weather is warmer there than it is here in Ohio. She said the kids at here school are more friendly and they have more fun in school. There class periods are shorter than ICHS 60 minute class periods. Suzie generally likes it here but she does not like the food. She said we have way to many fast food places in our area. She loves that the clothes are cheaper here in America but she thinks we dress crazier than the students in Slovakia. Suzie misses her friends but she is not homesick.

The last foreign exchange student is Pauline. Pauline is from Germany and she said school is better here at ICHS. Her school in Germany is very strict and they have different classes. She thinks the students here are more open and friendly. Pauline loves how cheap the clothes are and she loves the shopping here in America. She misses her friends from back home.


2 thoughts on “ICHS Foreign Exchange Students

  1. If they want healthy foods, I’ve been wanting to work with Mrs. Robinson on doing a cooking demo during her cooking class. I can make it a healthy cooking thing with samples.

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