Seniors Take a Second Look at EGCC

Eastern Gateway Community College

Eastern Gateway Community College, also known as EGCC, is an excellent option for high school seniors graduating in the Jefferson, Columbiana, Mahoning, or Trumbull County areas. One common location that students commute from is Steubenville, Ohio. The Horizon Grant covers tuition charges including instructional, general, and surcharge fees for credit courses for four successive semesters of attendance.  This grant is only available for the students that enroll full time starting with the fall immediately after high school graduation. Along with immediate enrollment, there are certain qualifications a student must meet. Students must have a GPA of a 2.5 or higher and have completed their FASFA. This is a great opportunity for students that are not sure what they want to do after high school and a very inexpensive option. Students that attend EGCC can earn a certificate or associate’s degree in a career field in business, engineering, information technologies, health, or public services. Another option is that the credits that a student earns at EGCC can transfer to almost any four year university, so that after the two years a student can further their education in their chosen field. It is common for young adults to be unsure of what they plan to do for the rest of their lives or not be ready to leave home, so this solves both of those problems while still receiving a great education. This small school allows students to become familiar with the layout of a college campus without being overwhelmed. Eastern Gateway Community College is very welcoming and encourages all seniors to consider it as an option. For more information checkout EGCC’s website at


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