ICHS Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

5/1        Academic Letter Awards @ 8:30 am
5/2        Relay 4 Life (5th & 6th) @ 12:40
5/4        Scholars Banquet @ 1:30 pm St. Florian Hall
5/7        Ice Cream Sundaes @ Lunch
5/8        Last Olweus Meeting

Red Cross Blood Drive
5/9        Mary Kay Teacher Appreciation Day
5/14        Cookout @ Lunch
5/15        Spring Musical “Young Frankenstein”
5/16        Senior Grades are Due
Spring Musical “Young Frankenstein”
5/17        Spring Musical “Young Frankenstein”
5/21        8th Grade Move-up Day @ 9:30 am
5/22        SADD’s Mock Crash
5/23        Seniors Last Day
5/24        Prom
5/27        Senior Award Banquet @ 6:30 pm St. Florian Hall
5/28        Underclassman Finals
Baccalaureate @ Crossroads
5/29        Graduation Practice @ 1:30 ICMS
Underclassman Finals
5/30        Graduation @ 7 pm ICMS
6/2        Last Day of School


Field Trip to Pittsburgh Public Theater to see George Bernard Shaw’s “Candida”

On April 23, 2014, the National Honor Society and Foreign Language Club of Indian Creek High School went to see a wonderful play at The O’Reilly Theater. Our students were well-mannered, courteous, and impeccably dressed. I am so proud to be their teacher! Kudos to our kids and the magnificent performers at the theater. I can’t wait to take them again, next year, to see, Othello!

“Draft Day” Movie Review

The movie Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, is about being the man in charge of drafting players for your team in the National Football League. Sonny (Kevin Costner) pulls off an incredible draft after it seems he has ruined the Cleveland Browns draft and will eventually be fired. Sonny turns the 7th pick in the draft into the 1st and 7th picks in the first-round, and he only gives up 3 second-round picks to do so. In real life, this would be absolutely incredible. I highly enjoyed how the movie portrayed the dedication and intensity of the Cleveland Browns fan base. I also enjoyed getting an inside look at how an actual draft plays out through the eyes of the front office. However, the movie starts off kind of boring and has an unneeded love story added in between Sonny and a woman who also works for the Browns. On a scale of 5 stars, I would give this movie 3.5 stars.


by Cameron Lamatrice

(National Poetry Month) The Ramayana By: James Cable

Rama wanted this fight to end soon

For it had continued many a sun and moon

He thought how he would bring this fight to an end

Bramasthra would be the weapon to send

Ravana strengthened some parts, head and arm

He knew it would prevent all harm

The mistake he had made played its part

For Ravana had forgotten to strengthen his heart

With his crucial mistake, Bramasthra struck

This was truly a day without luck

Now Ravana’s heart neglected to pound

And the demon then fell to the ground

Rama sighed at what the demon could achieve

If only the evil had ceased to be

This was still a day of success

And the universe was saved, no more or less.

By: James Cable

ICHS Baseball and Softball Season

Baseball and softball season has started for boys and girls alike. Paige Geanangel and the varsity girls softball team are off to a great undefeated (3-0) start with wins over Weir High and Beaver Local. Cole Yeater and the boys of Indian Creek are off to a rough (0-2) start with defeats under Martins Ferry and Brooke High School. The girls play today against the Buckeye Local Panthers and the boys play against the Martins Ferry Purple Riders. Hopefully they both pull out big wins.

Ramayana Poem (National Poetry Month)

When Ravana heard that his sister had died,

He felt eager and sad with revenge inside

He wanted to punish who had committed this crime

He had to go now, couldn’t waste any time


He found Sita shortly and took her with him

Rama got worried, where on earth could she have been?

Rama walked all India searching for Sita

Became friends with a monkey by the name of Sugreeva


Ravana and Rama decided to battle

When Ravana was shot, his heart made a rattle

Ravana lay dead at the dight of this shot

Rama took Sita, the prize he had sought


By: Danielle Gluzman