“Draft Day” Movie Review

The movie Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, is about being the man in charge of drafting players for your team in the National Football League. Sonny (Kevin Costner) pulls off an incredible draft after it seems he has ruined the Cleveland Browns draft and will eventually be fired. Sonny turns the 7th pick in the draft into the 1st and 7th picks in the first-round, and he only gives up 3 second-round picks to do so. In real life, this would be absolutely incredible. I highly enjoyed how the movie portrayed the dedication and intensity of the Cleveland Browns fan base. I also enjoyed getting an inside look at how an actual draft plays out through the eyes of the front office. However, the movie starts off kind of boring and has an unneeded love story added in between Sonny and a woman who also works for the Browns. On a scale of 5 stars, I would give this movie 3.5 stars.


by Cameron Lamatrice


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