British Authors Beowulf Project

Ms. Dalesio’s British Authors class studied the epic, Beowulf recently. The class was assigned a hands-on project along with a paper describing the object they made. The students made depictions of different objects that warriors used or came in contact with during this time period. Here are some of the students’ reactions and comments about the project.


“It was a great learning experience and we had fun while doing it.” – Jacob Sutton

“It helped me understand the story more.” – Maddie Rees

“I had a lot of fun doing it.” – Maddie Billick

“I loved it.. I had a lot of fun doing this.. It was a really cool idea.” – Zach Connor

“It was fun to be creative. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to be creative for a class.” – Michael Puorro

“It was interesting.” – Nolan Burchfield

“I liked it, I learned a lot from it.” – Martina Marko

“I enjoyed it and it really helped me understand the story, I enjoyed reading and talking about the supernatural things in it, it was NOT boring.” – Justin Caniff

“I thought Beowulf was very interesting and captivating, it was something that I was ‘able to get into’ and understand.” – Ayla Keller

“It was educational in its own way, I looked behind the words of the story and put my own words in to understand it.” – Kristen Webster

“I thought it was fun, I actually got to make something, a ‘hands-on experience’ rather than worksheets. It made it more interesting.” – Kaylee LaRue

“I liked it better than doing other work, it helped me understand the story better… I’ll never forget this story.” – Zach Crawford