New Teachers at ICHS

Don’t be surprised if you see some new faces walking down the halls of the Creek.  We are happy to welcome a handful of new teachers joining us this school year. Here is a little bio on the new members of the Red and Gold.

Miss. Gotschall is the new business teacher. She is a high school graduate of Buckeye Local High School and a college graduate of Ohio University Eastern. Her favorite hobbies outside of teaching are hunting, fishing, riding  ATV’s and dancing. She is so excited to join the staff at Indian Creek High School and hopefully is able to impact students the same way teachers have impacted her throughout her years of being in school. In 10 years she hopes to still be teaching at Creek and hopefully will be coaching as well. Her advice to students who are looking into studying teaching is, that it is definitely a wonderful career choice and the opportunity to influence the lives of others is very rewarding!

Mrs.Olson is the new Choir teacher. She graduated high school from North Allegheny High School in Wexford, PA. She has an Associates Degree in Music from Ethica College and a Masters Degree in Voice from the University of Texas- San Antonio. Her decision to become a teacher is based off of her love for learning and wanting to be able to share it through music. In 10 years she plans to be still teaching music in a public school and teaching voice lessons in a private studio near a beach. Her advice for students who are looking to become a teacher is to have patience, stick with it, be determined and to know that you are not going to be able to reach every student and that is perfectly okay.

Mr. Arlia is the new Special Education teacher. He is a high school graduate from Weirton Madonna. He currently has his Bachelor’s degree in education from Wheeling Jesuit and a Master’s degree from West Liberty. His decision to become a teacher comes from  wanting to make a difference in students’ lives. In 10 years he plans on hitting it big in lottery tickets and buying a beach house. His advice to students is “If you don’t love it, leave it.”

Miss Scott is the supervisor for online Spanish class. She graduated from Steubenville Catholic Central High School and is a college graduate from Kent State College. Her hobbies outside of school include hunting,fishing, and crafting. She decided to become a teacher because teaching lets you be creative. She says that “she loves taking a concept that someone does not understand and creating a way for them to understand it.” In ten years she plans to be teaching in a special education classroom. Her advice for students looking to become teachers is “find the concentration in teaching that is your passion and run with it.”

Mr. Daley was a focused and hard-working athlete that graduated from Steubenville Catholic Central. He is a College graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is now the Science teacher, although his first job was baseball field maintenance in Mingo Junction while in High School and his first teaching job was in 1996 at Steubenville Central. Mr. Daley decided to be a teacher because helping students learn is a rewarding experience. He says the biggest challenges that teachers face today is “students have more distractions, influences, and responsibilities that pull them in all different types of directions.” In ten years, he plans to still be teaching but somewhere in the South. He says that the beach would be ideal, but he will see what the future holds!

Ms. Linhart is a 1991 graduate from Carrollton High School and a college graduate from Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio where she received her Undergraduate Degree in Early Childhood Education. She then continued her education at Malone University in Canton, Ohio where she then got her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her first job was at a Dairy Bar in Kensington, Ohio in 1998 for only $3 an hour serving food and ice cream. She decided to become a teacher because she enjoys working with her students. In her opinion, the biggest challenge teachers face today is you have to be adaptable as a teacher in order to be able to work with the needs and the strengths of our society.  As a teacher, you are always problem solving and when faced with so many challenges, teachers easily become overwhelmed by the stress of problems. In ten years, she plans to still be a school counselor and she also plans to be working part time in private practice using her clinical mental health license.

Coach Cowser is a high school graduate straight from the heart of Indian Creek. His best memory at Indian Creek was playing pranks on the assistant principal during his senior year ( Don’t get any ideas Seniors! ) He then proceeded to further his education at West Liberty University. Coach Cowser says he was a “decent” student. He played many sports including football, wrestling, baseball, and track.” I guess having the principal as your father, you would have to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble!’ In three years, he plans to still be teaching at Indian Creek, hopefully in the new building. His advice for young students looking to become teachers is to “make sure you love what you’ll be doing, regardless if it is teaching or another profession. If you don’t enjoy the job you are doing, it will be challenging to be good at it.”

Ms. Bryan is a graduate from Steubenville Catholic Central and Xavier University. Her first teaching job was at McNicholas High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, and her first job was a cashier at DiGregory Greenhouse in Steubenville.  When I asked her why she decided to become a teacher, she said “I love reading and I enjoy working with kids and helping them be successful.” She says the biggest challenge for her is fighting the draw of cell phones. In ten years from now she plans to be in the new High School enjoying the air conditioning and the flexible seating. She decided to become a teacher from her High School English teachers, the ones who were fantastic and also the ones who made her think how she would do things differently. Even as a student, she was extremely smart and very competitive about her grades. Her advice is to be good to the secretaries and custodians, they make the school run!

Mrs. Fluharty decided to become a teacher because she loves to interact with people. She loves having the opportunity to inspire and engrain the love of knowledge to students. Mrs. Fluharty is a  graduate from Northland College where she got her Bachelors and proceeded on to Muskingum University where she received her Masters. Outside of school, she enjoys being outdoors with her family and reading. She says the best part of being a teacher is the “Ohhhh!” moment students get when they finally understand something. As a student, Mrs. Fluharty was an average student who got along with everyone. Her advice for becoming a teacher is you have to be patient,creative, and find your inner teacher and hold onto it!

Well these nine new teachers I personally cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them. I hope we challenge them just as much as they challenge us! Teachers honestly do have the biggest influence on us in one of the most important times of our lives. Teachers, hopefully you are enjoying the Red and Gold just as much as your students are. Thank you all for letting me interview you and for influencing young lives!

By: Mimi Beatty


Many people’s favorite time of year is Homecoming. Whether it be the actual dance or just getting dressed up, it is a tradition many high school students love and will remember for years to come. A big part of Homecoming is Homecoming Court. Six senior girls are chosen from the entire senior class, and one will be crowned Homecoming queen. Here they are:

FullSizeRender (9)

Group Picture: From left to right: Mallory McDonald, Savannah Tilton, Chelsea Connor, Ally Bevilacqua, Madison Houser, Ashley Yaich

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There will be a homecoming parade on Thursday, October 18th at 7:00 P.M. This parade will showcase the girls, fall sports teams, and the band. Following the parade, there will be a pep rally in the gym at 7:30 P.M.

Friday, October 19th is the homecoming football game, vs. Crestview. The queen of the court will be chosen at halftime. Each girl will receive a wrapped rose, and whoever picks the yellow rose is queen! Last year’s homecoming queen, Alexis Pethtel, will bring the crown for this year’s queen.

The Homecoming dance will be Saturday, October 20th starting at 6:00 P.M. and ending at 9:00 P.M. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, October 12th and Wednesday, October 13th in Mrs. Houser’s room for $12.50 for a single or $25 for a couple.

By: Hannah Cecelones

ICHS Upcoming Events…by Chelsea Connor

There are many upcoming events happening at Indian Creek High School, involving clubs and other activities. We are hoping all students attending Indian Creek want to get involved and up- to- date on the important events happening around the school. Upcoming events are:    S.A.D.D, during the month of October is a sucker sale, October 12, a Pink Bake Sale on October 19. Key club is also celebrating the month of October with a Pink Duck Chuck. Key Club is also having their membership breakfast and Friendship Warming Center Food Collection on November 1st. National Honor Society will have their first Milkshake Sale coming up October 31st,  where they dress up in costumes in celebration of Halloween. The last thing coming up for NHS is the Induction Ceremony on November 16. The ceremony honors the induction of the new members and honors the impact of the old members. This week coming up is the first dance of the year, which is homecoming. Homecoming week has many fun activities such as the Homecoming parade, Homecoming game, and finally the dance. The Homecoming parade will take place on October 18 starting at Crossroads Church and ending at the high school. The Homecoming game is Friday October 19 against Crestview and kickoff is at seven o’clock. Finally, the Homecoming dance is October 20th on Saturday. I hope every student at Indian Creek wants to get more involved with helping their school and  community be a better place. I hope all of you help and support each club and each activity going on around the school.

Fall Sports….By Emma Minto


The Girls Soccer Team has a record of 9 and 3. The picture above shows our seniors. From left to right: Maleah Kelly, Jacque Bly, Ashley Yaich, Payton Gaydosh, and Mackenzie Orban.


Our senior cheerleaders are: Madison Houser, Chelsea Conner, and Savannah Tilton. The ICHS Cheering Competition Squad placed second at the fair competition.IMG_7632

Our ICHS Varsity Cheerleaders are: left to right, Elizabeth Nutter, Haleigh Marcino, Katie Hewitt, Sydni Skender, Savannah Tilton, Madison Houser, Ashley Kuczykowski, Tiffany Taylor, Madolyn McDonald, and Jayna Ziklo.



Freshmen Volleyball Team


Varsity Volleyball Team


Our ICHS  2018 Varsity Football Team


Cross Country Team


Boys Soccer


The Golf Team…… Kneeling: Kyle Laughery, Luke Merriman, and Conner Garbade

Standing: Coach Ryan Smith, Noah Corella, Justice Morris, Jacob        Everhart, Joshua Speaker, Trevor Meek, and Mason Porter