British Authors Beowulf Project

Ms. Dalesio’s British Authors class studied the epic, Beowulf recently. The class was assigned a hands-on project along with a paper describing the object they made. The students made depictions of different objects that warriors used or came in contact with during this time period. Here are some of the students’ reactions and comments about the project.


“It was a great learning experience and we had fun while doing it.” – Jacob Sutton

“It helped me understand the story more.” – Maddie Rees

“I had a lot of fun doing it.” – Maddie Billick

“I loved it.. I had a lot of fun doing this.. It was a really cool idea.” – Zach Connor

“It was fun to be creative. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to be creative for a class.” – Michael Puorro

“It was interesting.” – Nolan Burchfield

“I liked it, I learned a lot from it.” – Martina Marko

“I enjoyed it and it really helped me understand the story, I enjoyed reading and talking about the supernatural things in it, it was NOT boring.” – Justin Caniff

“I thought Beowulf was very interesting and captivating, it was something that I was ‘able to get into’ and understand.” – Ayla Keller

“It was educational in its own way, I looked behind the words of the story and put my own words in to understand it.” – Kristen Webster

“I thought it was fun, I actually got to make something, a ‘hands-on experience’ rather than worksheets. It made it more interesting.” – Kaylee LaRue

“I liked it better than doing other work, it helped me understand the story better… I’ll never forget this story.” – Zach Crawford


NFL Combine Conclusion

The NFL Scouting Combine wrapped up Tuesday, February 25th and some guys made their case to be top draft picks. South Carolina defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, potentially the best player in the draft, proved himself worthy of that title by running a speedy 4.53 forty-yard-dash and have displaying a vertical jump of 37.5 inches, and don’t forget he 6’5″ 266lbs. Another big name defensive lineman made a splash in the combine as well. Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald ran a 4.88 in the forty-yard-dash, and although that might not seem very good take into consideration that he is 6’5″ 288 pounds.

The defensivebacks took the field February 25th, and it was Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert who stole the show. Gilbert is part of the new breed of cornerback in the NFL. Tall, long, and fast is what coaches look for nowadays and Justin Gilbert is 6’0″, 202lbs and he ran a 4.34. The other defensiveback that who is speculated a first round pick is Michigan State cornerback Darqueze Dennard. Dennard is 5’11” 199 and ran a 4.51. In my mind, Gilbert jumped ahead of Dennard as the best defensiveback in the draft.

The number 1 rated linebacker in the draft is University of Buffalo’s Khalil Mack. How can he not be? He is 6’3″ 251lbs and runs a 4.65, also he has a vertical of 40 inches. To put it into perspective, LeBron James also has a vertical of 40 inches. It kind of makes you wonder how Mack only received 1 division 1 scholarship. One guy who still has some questions surrounding him is Ryan Shazier of Ohio State. The outside linebacker is slightly undersized at 6’1″ 237 and did not run at the Combine. However, Shazier did post an astonishing 42 inch vertical jump, the highest of any Combine participant.

Now that the Combine is over, all there is left to do is wait for the players pro-days and speculate who will end up where. Will the Texans take Jadeveon Clowney number 1 overall? Will Johnny Manziel be the first quaterback taken in the draft? Will Sammy Watkins be a top 10 pick? Will Justin Gilbert jump ahead of Darqueze Dennard and be the first defensive back taken? All of these questions will be answered soon enough, but until they are I will keep you updated with my latest opinions on the 2014 NFL Draft.

by Cameron Lamatrice

Bethany College

Location: Bethany, WV

Approximately 30 minutes from Wintersville, Ohio. Only 50 minutes from Pittsburgh, PA. Near Wheeling, WV and Washington, PA

Size: 1,300 acre. 1,030 on campus students

Private School

Academics: 25 fields of study

Indian Creek senior planning on attending Bethany College:

What attracted you to look into this school?

“Their veterinary program and it is only 30 minutes from my house. I also liked that it was a small school. They have a great softball program that I plan to play on too.”

When on the visit, why did you like it?

“The campus was beautiful and all of the buildings are close together. They also have an amazing softball facility. I liked that everyone seemed to get along and my tour guides were very friendly and personable.”

What was interesting/different about this college?

“The college buildings are pretty old and the campus is very small. I think the most interesting thing to me was how pretty the campus is.”

What are you majoring in?

I am planning to double major in Pre-Veterinary medicine

Call of Duty Ghosts

The latest installment of of the highly successful Call of Duty series has been out for a few weeks now. In my opinion it is a great game. The online play is more refined and the Campaign mode has a great story. The Extinction mode is also a fun new addition. This game guarantees hours of fun and is a candidate for game of the year.

Christmas Ideas for Guys

Girls, if you have a boyfriend, you know that sometimes it’s hard to figure out a good gift for them for christmas. A foolproof gift is cologne. Most guys wear cologne and if you get them something odds are they’ll wear it. Guys wear cologne to smell good or the ladies so if you pick out a cologne that you like the scent of, he’s going to wear it.

Another idea, depending on the type of guy you’re with, is a watch. Some stylish watches can be found relatively inexpensive if you look in the right place. To go with recent trends, the bigger the watch, the better.

Now, if your guy wouldn’t want cologne or a watch, go buy him the latest video game. It’s another foolproof gift. Or, get them something related to their favorite sports team. They’ll appreciate it.

Anyway, I hope this helps you figure out what to get your guy to give him a wonderful Christmas.

AT&T vs Verizon

Over the past few weeks, everyone who owns a phone powered by AT&T understands the extreme frustration brought about by their lack of reliable service. The Common Creeker was very disappointed not being able to log onto their favorite social networks we know such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If AT&T cannot even hold up to a measly thunder storm, how could anyone be expected to trust it again?! During this no service outrage, AT&T’s customers were as jealous as a catty teenage girl in a high school relationship over Verizon’s customers. Roughly 53% of the Common Creeker either switched or had sinful thoughts about switching to AT&T’s bitter rival…Verizon Wireless. Verizon, previously hidden in the dark shadows, has now come out of the closet and into the spotlight! Everyone who owns a phone knows that Verizon’s service is the bomb dot com. Verizon, you may have won this battle, but AT&T may still have a few more tricks (or just some more iphones) up its sleeve.

Verizon:1       AT&T:0

By: Abby and Jasmine

Electronic Review

Call Of Duty:


Publisher: Activision

Developer: Infinity Ward

         -Release dates:

  • November 5 (Xbox360/PS3/PC/Wii-U)
  • November 15 (PS4)
  • November [19-22] (Xbox-One)

Call of duty has broken the video game sales record for four years in a row. Loved by millions just for the multiplayer call of duty also features climatic story lines, and co-op play. Ghosts is bringing some major changes to the franchise. To start Infinity Ward designed a brand new engine to run Ghosts. The engine is the heart and soul of a video game. It tells it what to run and how to run it. This new engine allows for new features like sprint slide, Peek & Lean, upgraded AI, Dynamic maps, etc. The sprint slide is basically crouching while sprinting causing your character to slide in on their knee, this is helpful for dodging bullets and taking cover. Peek & Lean is a special cover system, instead of standing up to move from behind cover if you aim down your sights your character leans around a corner or peeks over a barrier to aim, providing much more cover in battle. The AI has been made more humanlike, adding behaviors like corner camping, sidestrafe, and jump shots. Dynamic maps events are small things you can do to change the map (blowing up a bridge, closing shutters, etc). The campaign follows the life of a young american named logan who followed in his older brothers footsteps by joining the military to protect his country, your placed into a special ops team designated “Ghosts” only a handful of soldiers make it to this program and the public doesn’t even know it exists. Journey with logan through his story of a grim future america. Infinity ward brought in the help of David Goyer, screenwriter for the Dark Knight, & Batman Begins, to help create this story thrilling story for the series many fans.

This franchise breaks sales records annually thanks to a tried & true multiplayer. This time around instead of custom classes you create custom soldiers and squads. Each of your 10 soldiers can be customized.  These soldiers may prestige once without losing unlocks, providing ten prestiges in total. For the first time ever in the COD franchise cosmetic customization is available, choose between male and female characters, cahnge their heads, helmets, & uniforms with over 20,000 appearance combinations.  As you rank up you’re awarded squad points and XP. Squad points unlock weapons & attachments, and are also used to unlock more squad members. Your created squads can be used in “Squad Vs. Squad” battles, assume control of one soldier while AI pilots the rest of your squad.  AI soldiers have different play styles corresponding with their primary weapon, (shotgunners rush forward, snipers hang back, etc.) When your not playing Ghosts youre squads will be available to people online to battle and the next time you play ghosts you will receive xp from those matches. Pick 10 has carried over from Black Ops 2 but its now pick 12, further referred to as P-12. You can start with all 12 points applied to perks or load out a primary and secondary plus a lethal and tactical grenade and still have 8 points towards perks, thanks to the fact that attachments and killstreaks no longer take up points. The long running three perk system has now changed to 7 categories; 1)Stealth 2)Awareness 3)Speed 4)Handling 5)Resistance 6)Equipment 7)Elite Each perk costs a number of P-12 points so you can load up with several low powered perks or take a few high powered. A few new perks include a 5 point perk “dead eye” which increases your critical hit chance with each consecutive kill. Another “Gambler” randomly provides one free perk at the start of each life. Killstreak packages return from MW3; Assault/Specialist/Support; The assault package includes a 5 point streak personal guard dog replacing the “waves” of dogs in previous games,   Juggernaut returns in the assault package but many changes have been made; upon receiving a 9 point streak, players can transform into these melee based killers, sacrificing guns for speed you’re equipped with only a knife, your health will stop regenerating but you have a massive amount of body armour to soak up damage. The support package is for defensive players, at 5 points players can order in a “nightowl” – basically a flying trophy system that destroys enemy grenades and equipment. At this time no information has been released about the specialist package, but we do know that UAV’s have been replaced wit SAT-COM, the main reason for this change is to allow you to destroy enemy uav’s without the need of a lock on rocket launcher, after earning a 3 point streak you can place this land based radar, at any point there can be up to 4 active sat-com on a team, 1 sat-com allows for friendlies to display enemy locations on the map, 2 creates a standard uav effect displaying enemy positions on your map, 3 makes the UAV ping faster allowing you to see where the enemy is more often, 4 shows enemy position and what direction they are facing. Randomly, at any point in a game after killing an enemy, a brief case may appear out of the body, this is a “Field Order”, the field order gives you a specific challenge to complete (ex: Back-stab, headshot, grenade kill) if the challenge is completed your team is rewarded with a care package drop, there can only be one of these field orders active at any time in a match.

   A few new multiplayer game modes have been added to Ghosts; 1}CRANKED- Every kill in this mode earns a speed based perk, but along with the perk it starts a countdown, if you do not get a kill by the end of the countdown you explode, if you manage to kill another person you gain another speed based perk and the countdown is reset, the goal of this mode is quickly zip across the map and kill as fast as you can, Infinity Ward thinks the added pressure of impending doom adds to the excitement.  2}Search & Rescue- Exactly the same as search and destroy with a major twist; if killed in a round teammates can retrieve your dog tags and you will be revived if the enemy picks them up first you’re out for the round.  3}Blitz- This mode is a reference to football, the only way to score is by walking inside the opposite teams blitz zone a small area located dead center in the oppositions spawn, if you succeed in entering the Blitz your returned to your own spawn and life continues. New modes and maps will continue to be released over time. If you plan on buying the season pass for Ghosts on a current generation console (Xbox-360/PS3) it automatically transfers to your next gen. console (Xbox-One/PS4) account free of charge, plus activision now saves your multiplayer load outs to their servers, so if you do upgrade to next gen consoles your account will be carried over. -AJ

E.R.- iPhone 5 C & S + Ios 7

iPhone 5 C & S

     The iPhone 5 C & S were released today, These are basically modified versions of the regular iPhone 5. The 5-C Is made of plastic in order to be more affordable to those who are looking to purchase an iPhone. Its also slightly more rounded shape. The real upgrades come in the 5-S, the most talked about upgrade is by far the Finger Print Identity Scanner. No longer needing to enter in passwords or slide patterns, you can just place your thumb near the bottom of your screen and your phone will read your finger print and unlock your phone. The next most noticeable upgrade is the 64-bit A7 Processor, this makes the iPhone 5-S the fastest iphone available. The final hardware upgrade is a special new iSight Camera, better than any smart camera, iSight allows you to take a picture of basically anything and have it come out looking as nice as possible without having to edit settings.


     Along with new hardware Apple also released new software, ios 7. Ios 7 introducing subtle changes that make a big difference. The focus was on making animations more interactive while making everything work smoother. Icons were redesigned on a new size grid with a new color pallet so expect to see more color range. Also all typography was redesigned to look cleaner and sharper. Probably the most noticeable of changes is something apple calls “Layers”, if you have ios 7 than you probably noticed it already but you probably don’t even realize it. Layers means what it says everything is now in layers, if you look at your home screen you can see that the background is now obviously a distance behind the icons, but if you open an app you can also see your home screen through a small transparency layer. This feature is purely for aesthetic enjoyment. Multitasking has been incorporated into layers as well, if you bring up your recent apps you’ll notice they are now more revealed and can be removed entirely. Notifications have also been modified providing more options. The last uprage is to SIRI, more voice over have been added to make the sounds more real, and SIRI now has control over system settings allowing you to easily enable and disable settings.   – A.J.

Review Column

Video games are probably the most widely shared value of guys in high school. Personally I don’t know a guy who doesn’t play video games.

This Tuesday, (September 17), the world of video games is going to be hit with the most anticipated game of the year. Rockstar Games is coming out with their newest addition in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V.

GTAV will be the most realistic and revolutionary GTA to date. The amount of stuff you can do is amazing. For the first time in GTA history, you will be able to play as three different protagonists all with individual and intertwined story lines.

This game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, loosely based off of Los Angeles and the surrounding deserts, mountains, and forests. Players will be able to have fun in the city either being a complete criminal or or get in touch with their inner country and go on dirt trails and back roads through the backwoods in a big truck. When messing around like everyone who plays GTA games does gets boring, there’s also a vast storyline featuring bank heists and action packed car chases. It sounds as if there is truly nothing you can’t do in this game.

The anticipation for this game is widespread. I hear people talking about it in school, online, just everywhere. One thing most guys can agree on is that we can’t wait till Tuesday.

By: Jon Davis

A very popular item that is stepping onto the scene in the girl world of hair is hair crimpers. Hair crimpers have been around much longer than most people think, but the new wider barrel crimper is becoming very popular among girls today.

This hot new hair tool works on most types of hair and on any length ranging from medium to long. The crimper also in my opinion takes less time to do than flat ironing. This crimper is perfect for making messy waves and almost mimics those beautiful “beach waves” all of us girls long for. Also for all of you ladies that just need a little extra volume, the deep waving crimper is the hair tool for you, seeing as the crimper will add a little bulk to your hair. Now that I have told you all the magical wonders this crimper can do on your hair you`re probably wondering “where can I get one?” and “is it expensive?”. The truth is, you can find these these crimpers for cheap in almost any super market such as walmart for around$20.00.

However, the hair waver that I have is the “Gold ‘N Hot jumbo ceramic triple barrel waver” from Sally Beauty Supply. It works perfect and because the plates are ceramic it creates a very nice shine on the hair. I purchased it for about $43.00, which is expensive compared to other brands, but the results are worth it. This waver has a heat dial the ranges all the way up to 450 degrees and it heats up quick. The tool itself is somewhat hard to get used to holding because of its large size, especially if you are crimping your own hair. It is however, relatively easy to use and can handle crimping large sections of hair.

This item and the look it creates is rapidly trending and doesn`t seem to be dying out anytime soon. This product it a good investment and creates fantastic results. I would definitely get my hands on one of these hot tools before the fizzle out!

tip: For all the girls like me that tend to have frizzy hair after crimping finger a pump of suave moroccan argan oil through your hair. you cant find the stuff at kroger and it is a life saver! Avoid getting it too close to the scalp

By: Kelsey Pool






GTAV, Madden 25, NCAA14, COD Ghosts

Combat boots


– Google Nexus 7

Made by Google featuring an Asus chipset, the Nexus 7 is the best android tablet currently on the market. The Nexus 7 comes per-installed with 4.1 JellyBean OS, including Google Play Store and several Google related apps. One of which is your front 1.3MP and 3MP back camera that allows you to video and take pictures at the same time. A Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 1.5Ghz Dualcore Processor allows for having multiple apps open at once without delay, combined with 2GB of RAM this tablet runs smoother than anything else on the market. Powered using a lithium battery get ready for 9 hours of constant movies, music, gaming, web-browsing or anything else you want to do. Price is determined by storage ($229 – 8GB / $269 – 16GB / 16GB LTE – available soon) –A.J.
 photo 7991dec2-a37c-4d58-b59e-9d0c5c570d44_zps30d2fda4.jpg

 photo e788dda8-d692-4a03-b232-9e98cfc659dd_zps5bf93960.jpg