Women’s Expo Fashion Show

Students from Indian Creek High School participated in this year’s Herald Star’s Women’s Expo Fashion Show at St. Florian Hall on Sunday, October 30th. Some of the students pictured left to right are: Madison Smith, Blake Finley, Allyson Vojvodich, Sydney Karas, Ivy McCombs, Dakota Devore, and Taylor Mazzaferro. Other students who participated, but not pictured were: Robert Coppa, Sam Robinson, and Joshua Williams. Macy’s provided the outfits.




img_0653-1Students in Ms. Dalesio’s  ELA- 12 classes have been studying, “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer. To better understand all the literary devices, rhyming couplets, and satire in these tales, students went on “a Chaucerian Pilgrimage.”

Different groups of students had to create their own “modern-day pilgrim” and write a 20 line poem with rhyming couplets. Then, they had to present their poems with a believable re-enactment.

Each member of the group had a different part of participation.screenshot_20161018-131750